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I spent a decade in pastoral ministry.  First in a youth ministry role.  Then later on a team ministry.  A team ministry is where roles are shared.  During this time I shared both the pulpit and the youth ministry duties with my great friend and co-worker Wade Gillespie.  We would take turns in the pulpit or both get up and preach in a give and take style.  It was a great experience for me and the congregation. 

I have strong convictions about the necessity of strong Biblical preaching that is creative and visual in it's approach.  Engagement begins with a meaningful lesson that draws people into the text.  As the speaker I saw myself as the tour guide to the ancient world.  I would answer the question about what they were seeing with information that filled in the gaps between our culture and theirs.  We tried to use visuals both onscreen and onstage.  As often as we could we used sets, object lessons, performance paintings, dramas, and testimony videos of our congregants. 

All of our preaching was captured online at  They are a great resources for churches. 

Here is a sermon I preached on the sacrament of Communion

If you would like to watch a full sermon, or download the audio, there are dozens of mine at the link for truthcasting I gave above.  If you want to just watch one, some said that my best sermon was this one.


I am available to speak at your church of event regardless of topic or denominational affiliation.  I have spoken at many events around the country and would be happy to hear about yours.  Just hit me up on the contact page.